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Monday, January 23, 2012

Valentine's Day Results

Hi Bloggies!
Well, our Valentine's Day contest ended yesterday! And look at me! Posting the day after :) I'm on the ball (for now, anyways!)

We had 2 card entries for this contest! Thank you to Maria and Therese for entertaining me! I loved how you both incorporated my curve ball (aka Teal) into your creations! Too, too cute! You can click on these ladies' names to check out their blogs!

Winner by random draw isssssssssssssss.............MARIA!! Yay!! Send Carol an e-mail at sales(at)classact.ca with your mailing address and your choice of Class Act unmounted stamp :)

I'm thinking I may need to turn to my critters to help me pick winners, since a basket with pieces of paper in it just isn't cutting it anymore. Anyone remember when I had Kiki (my chinchilla) pick the winner? THAT was fun! I might have to do that again :) For anyone who is new and doesn't remember it... here is the link to the post! She was such a good little judge, pondering every little step (RIP Sweety!!) but I still have 2 other chins who will have big shoes to fill if I decide it's their turn for fame!

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