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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Valentine's Day Challenge

Happy New Year, Bloggies!!

I hope everyone's holidays wasn't as chaotic as mine! WOW! It's almost nice to be back at work! (Okay...not really...) I've had a sick chinchilla on my hands for almost a month...and have had to handfeed her with a syringe every 2-3 HOURS!! Gah! Let it end!

BUT! Onto more fun things! We're going to get this Valentine's Day Challenge rockin' and rollin'!

Here's the deal:
Your card must have Pink, Red, and White on it............but as a twist (and to make things more interesting!) I want to see some teal on it, too! (Just because my best friend is getting married and that's going to be the colour of my dress! I'm so not biased). That's all the stipulations! Get creative!  

Contest closes Sunday, January 22nd.
Please e-mail entries to me at raychel(at)classact.ca

Consider this a kick start to making your significant other the perfect card :)



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