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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hi everyone,
Sorry I haven't posted contest results. I have 3 jobs on the go now, and things have been really busy. Aside from that, we only received one entry for our Remembrance Day contest, and two for Christmas so it's been a little discouraging.

Sue Allen was our only contestant for Remembrance Day (even though 9 of you voted for it! tisk tisk!!)
Here, Sue used the Class Act tree (not on the website yet) and Chapel Road Brick Artishapes. Very sweet card!!

And for Christmas Sue Allen and Therese Malak entered!

Here is Sue Allen's card. She used a Class Act Christmas Tree (again not on the site...jeez!! I thought we had most of these guys on there already!!) and Class Act's Christmas Blessings.
Great job, Sue!

This is Therese Malak's card! She used Class Act's Large Snowflake (ohhh it's on the site! Woohoo!!). I love the colour scheme :)

Now...since these two ladies are my #1 participants in all contests, I didn't want anyone to pick a card, per sey, since I said we weren't sending out prizes to each contestant everytime...SO...I happened to get new pets on Saturday (Chinchillas) so I had my girl, Kiki, choose the winner! Here is a video of that process!

Sorry about the last 11 seconds of the video...I had to catch her and forgot to turn the camera off!! LOL! Congratulations, Therese! Rubbahhhhh coming your way!!

Well everyone, I think I'm going to put the contests on a hiatus until I can find a way to get more entries. If you have any ideas, please let me know. We currently advertise on this blog, as well as a CST and Yahoo! groups. Hopefully we can get some more contests going in the New Year - I can imagine everyone is really busy with Christmas and the holidays coming up!

Thanks everyone!

Your Class Act Insider