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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Hi all!!

Is everyone dug out yet? That was INSANE! I spent my whole weekend digging various members of my family out...should I mention that I had to drive in that on Friday? Picture me and a 4 cylinder G5, with all season (aka 3 season) tires. I got called to supply (of COURSE...) so it took me 45 minutes to dig myself out of the school parking lot, and I'm not even sure how I got home...I think I just coasted on top of the snow for a few kilometers as I was lucky and didn't really have to "stop" on the way. Once I got onto my street (which the snow plows hadn't even thought of plowing) I just had to give 'er. As I zigzagged down the street trying to avoid curbs, I rammed the car into my driveway (the snow was up past my license plate, so I didn't get far!!). I just wanted it off the street so if another idiot like me was out driving, that my car wouldn't be a target.

 Anyways! Here I was today at the store, and I thought of making something much less snowy (although, don't get me wrong...I LOVE snow and the winter). The ladybug is popped up, and there are brads and stickles to embellish this baby! The stamp is from Art Gone Wild, which we are currently stocking in store for a short time!
Anyways, onto a contest!
Easter is early this year! March 31st. So, it looks like we need a contest!
Enter your Easter card (using a Class Act, Chapel Road OR Pink Cat Studio stamp) by Friday, March 22nd for a chance to win a free unmounted Class Act stamp of your choice!
E-Mail a photo of your card to classactstamps(at)rogers.com to enter!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Up and Running Again!

Hi all!

I feel like I write these types of posts all too often! BUT this should be the final one!

We're going to be updating the blog on a weekly basis - usually on Wednesdays.

However, we will have a new contributor who will be making these posts! Sheree (our lovely new store employee!) and Carol (the woman herself) will be doing the posts, alongside me (when I get the time!...for anyone who doesn't know, I am now a supply teacher with a local school board after 2.5 YEARS!!! WOOT! Go me!)

So, stay tuned for more challenges and contests!