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Monday, February 4, 2013

Up and Running Again!

Hi all!

I feel like I write these types of posts all too often! BUT this should be the final one!

We're going to be updating the blog on a weekly basis - usually on Wednesdays.

However, we will have a new contributor who will be making these posts! Sheree (our lovely new store employee!) and Carol (the woman herself) will be doing the posts, alongside me (when I get the time!...for anyone who doesn't know, I am now a supply teacher with a local school board after 2.5 YEARS!!! WOOT! Go me!)

So, stay tuned for more challenges and contests!


  1. Congrats Raychel on becoming a molder of minds and the influencer of personalities! Oh my...look out world!! Glad to hear Sheree and your Mum are stepping up to keep everyone informed about the fabulous things going on at the store. I am looking forward to every post.
    Sue (aka Mrs Noofy)

  2. Congrats on making it to the list, Raychel. I let the A. McL staff know and also tell Jenn - she is at Clara Hughes in kindyland now!
    Sue B