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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Andddd a little treat for my favourite people - this is the colour scheme and style of the new Class Act/Chapel Road website!!
Just a teaser....
Hello Bloggers!
Sorry about my hiatus in updating contests...the last two had no entries so I thought I would give it a rest until the website got up and running...ultimate fail!

SO! Due to popular demand...here's the next contest...same as the previous two contests: make an awesome card using a Class Act or Chapel Road Artstamp and send it to us! The winner will receive a FREE Class Act stamp that has yet to be released!

If we get enough entries on this contest I will break the cards/projects up into two seperate categories (one for Class Act stamps, and one for Chapel Road), and then we will have two winners! If we only get a handful of cards, though, we'll keep it all in one category.

The deadline for this contest will be Friday, September 3rd, 2010 at 11:00p.m.! E-mail me a picture/scan of your card, please, at Raychel@classact.ca! One card per person per category, please. (i.e. you could submit one entry for Class Act, and one entry for Chapel Road, but not two for Class Act...etc)

!!!!VERY IMPORTANT!!!! Please make sure that you receive an e-mail back from me confirming that I received your cards. Sometimes e-mail can go a little quirky and I wouldn't want anyone to miss out due to errors! :-)

In other news...the website is coming along, and in the next week I can see me dreaming about moving a mouse around on the computer adding image after image. There is still hope to get it done by the end of the month. Bear with our eyes :-) Worst case scenario, we will post everything we have so far, including Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween stamps - many of which are NEW to the Class Act website! Ohhhhh so excited!!!

I would also like to thank Therese and Diane for helping to bring this blog to life again!

And just to light a little fire under all of you - we already have two entries! Happy Stamping!! I am looking forward to seeing the masterpieces you all create :-)