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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Introducing Carol and Raychel!

Well, there is really not much to say about me other than I LOVE STAMPING!
I started in the rubberstamping business about 14 years ago and never regretted a single day of it.
To say the least, I am one of the lucky people that can get up in the morning and say "I like going to work" LOL Since I was a child, art was always of interest to me. Whether it was drawing, coloring, painting, anything with art, and it had my attention.
Being blessed with two wonderful children that were also very interested in the arts made this business even better. They would have ideas, and I always listened. Raychel and Richard are their names. Yes...........Raychel is the Class Act Insider in more ways than you all know. She lets little hints out on the blog, and without her, the blog would not exist. She is my computer genius!
Richard pushes on the idea department, and always says.........why isn't that done! LOL
My husband has no idea what this is all about, but just lets me do my thing. Oh, and to make you all jealous............he never complains about the money I spend on my crafting supplies.
So enough about me,
Thank you all for being part of my first Designn Team, and for putting in so much effort in your creations. Thank you.....Thank you.....
Also, a special thank you to Chelsea. She is the one that put the bug in my ear about the Design Team and has put me in the right direction everytime I go the wrong way. Her knowledge and ability to do things has been a great help.

Well, this is me, Raychel! I guess you could say I've been around crafting my whole life, and have jumped from craft to craft (making dreamcatchers, knitting, stitching stockings...you get the point). My biggest thing over the last 6 years or so has been scrapbooking - and in a big way! I'm slowly getting there with stamping...when I have to (ehem...Mom). But, besides crafting, some more about me is that I graduated teacher's college last year and have been on the hunt for educational employment ever since! I'm also an avid animal lover...if you couldn't tell by the contest video where I used Kiki to pick the winner, and in my bio pic with Lilo! They keep me sane...somewhat...when I'm not trying to get her out from under my bed...hmm...yeah :)

A sample of my card!

Just as a sidenote...the Canadian Chinchilla Rescue (a place I am rather close with and adopted a chin from...) helps to rehome unwanted or surrendered chinchillas in the GTA. They entered in the Pepsi Refresh Challenge, and if they get in the Top 3 they will be given $10,000 to expand the foster program to help rehome more chins (there are currently at least 15 on a waiting list). How the money will be used is broken down on the page. By clicking on this link, please vote for them once, twice, or daily up until April 30th...any vote will help! Please pass it along, too! Thanks, bloggers! I love you! Even small furry critters deserve a fantastic furever home :)

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