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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Hiiiii!!! It's only a few days before the ol' mighty Scrapfest at Durham College in Oshawa!! Is anyone going? I won't be there the entire time - don't cry, it's okay - but my other work bellows my name much too loud these days. My Mamma (Carol) will be there...and I'll tell her that she has to be incredibly funny, charming, and everything that I am in order to make up for my absence....

Mom, please don't read this blog post. I like living at home. And if you are reading it...I'm just joking...obviously...8-) hehe

If you do go, I'll be there in spirit...if you know of Kraftin' Kimmie Stamps and have been following her releases...there was actually a pinup girl named after me! If you're ever so interested...see me in paper/rubbah form here! You see, my bloggers - I'm famous! And you were the first ones to be by my side! Well, okay, I'm not flattering myself...just pointing out how excited I can get!

Anyways my friends, I am currently working on a brand new line that Class Act is coming out with - and I think that it is quite honestly the best yet. If you're realllllllllllllly curious I'll give you a hint, and say it's pretty cultural...that's the clue for today! Anyways - there is less than one week left to make your vote count for our next contest!


P.S. For those of you who haven't been on the website recently, I have added some new categories:
6 Categories of Flowers
Fruits & Veggies
and Ice Cream

I'm working on getting up Easter (even though it's early), Dogs, and the new lines to be up super soon!


  1. I went... and I saw your Mom!!!! She told me you had a great blog and a webstore.... so I came to say "hi" and peek around.
    I have always adored Class Act products, so I'm a little giddy right now...
    Thanks for such a great blog.

  2. Wooo! Love Mamma-made publicity! Hope you had a blast at Scrapfest!