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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Contest Results

Hi all,
So our Halloween contest closed on Sunday. I only received cards from three participants - I hope there wasn't any electronic errors. They fooled around with my email and changed some things so it wasn't working for a day or so - please let me know if this was the case and you didn't hear back from me that I did receive your card.
Here are the entries:

Sue Allen got really creative and turned Chapel Road spooky!! She used Chapel Road's Thistle Etc. to make this card!! Well done on stretching the imagination!!

Sue Allen used Class Act's Witch stamp! So Halloween night-like!

Cindy Baker used Class Act's Cat with Pumpkins. Happy Halloween Bones, AND Spider Web! I'm loving the colours!

Therese Malak used a Class Act Mermaid that has yet to be released. She won this from a previous contest! Very creative, Therese!

Okay SO...this is going to be the last contest we are doing this for, but all three participants are going to receive a prize! Ladies, please send me your addresses so I can send you your stamp.
Try to entice your friends to get going on our next contests! There were 7 votes for Remembrance Day, so I am reallllllllllly expecting to see some pretty cards!!!

Next Contest:
Remembrance Day: Contest Closes November 14th at 5:00pm.
Christmas: Contest Closes November 21th at 5:00pm.

Thanks everyone!!

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  1. Really loving Sue Allen's first card!! Very creative!!