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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Well folks, it's less than 24 hours before the new release! Let me tell you, Carol and I are working our butts and eyes off to get it all in tip top shape! Naturally, we would have problems the day before the release, but we're getting it fixed now!

This is just going to be a short post, but I want to urrrrrge you to look in the "Ordering" section of the new website tomorrow - I think you'll reallllly like what you see in regards to shipping ;-) And nooooo I'm not telling you now, so don't even think of e-mailing me (although, I would get a good chuckle)! hehehe

Also! When you go to click on an image in this new site, there will be card samples under the image in lieu of a general card gallery. If you make a card with one of our stamps and would like to be featured on the site, send it our way and we'll make sure to give you credit when we put it up!

I think that is all for now....must get back to webbing!


  1. Hey!! I am looking for a link from your blog to your website. Is there one and I am missing it? If there was it would be easy access for those looking to go shopping!!



  2. Done and done!!! Thanks for keeping me in line, Therese! :-)