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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hi everyone!
Sorry I am posting this a day late - it was such a busy weekend I came home from work yesterday and SLEPTTTTT!

GREAT NEWS!!!! We had 8 card entries this month! Woooooohoooooo!!! Now, that just means that it got THAT much harder to find us a winner. I was chatting with Mom, trying to figure out how to find a winner. Originally, I was going to put all of your names in a hat and randomly draw one out - but then Mom had a great idea that I should involve my boyfriend, Andrew, in the process. I mean, he hears and sees enough about it...might as well get him informed! So - this month, he was your judge! It actually took him a while, too, he didn't just pick the first one he saw to get it over and done with (awwww...) AND...just incase you're thinking that there's no way I got him to do it...I took pictures...he loves me.

Here are all of the wonderful cards we received! Thank you to everyone who submitted! Remember: Our next contest is Halloween themed! If you haven't won yet, make sure you give it your all! Contest details will be at the top of the blog! Since we're starting to get more cards, I'm going to up the odds of winning! For every 6 cards we get, there will be 1 winner. So, if there are 12 cards there will be 2 winners, 18 cards 3 winners, etc. If we have equal(ish) groupings of Chapel Road and Class Act stamps, we'll separate them, too. I'll also continue to throw out random names for our Blog Follower Prize, so make sure you check back every now and them to see if your name is on here!

Now, Presenting Our September 2010 Entries..........

Carole Jansen used Class Act's Sleeping Fairy!

Diane Armstrong used Class Act's Garden Girl!

Dorothy Pileggi used Chapel Road's Large Artishapes 1!

Eileen MacDonald used Chapel Road's Da Vinci Horses!

Jo Oostrom used Class Act's Talented Cats!

Maria Vanderform used Class Act's Lovely Ladybug, which she won just for being a follower on the Blog! This stamp isn't on the website yet - coming soon!

Therese Malak used Class Act's Sunflower! This stamp isn't up on the new site yet - coming soon, too!

And finally...our winner, after much deliberation.....

SUE ALLEN used Chapel Road's Thistle Etc!
Great work, Sue! Please make sure to e-mail me your address for your prize :-)

Everyone did such a wonderful job on their projects!!! I am so so proud :-) Keep 'em coming for the next one! Chapel Road doesn't have any Halloween stamps in particular, but if you want to get really creative - be my guest! We've thrown up some new Halloween images on our site. Here's a quick link to it for your convenience!

Contest Closes Sunday October 24, 2010!

Thanks for an awesome contest, everyone!! I'll try to think up of something awesome for judging our next contest!


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  1. Thank you so much for this great honour! I love the artistic Chapel Road Art stamps and I am so excited... (Thank you Andrew this has made my day!)
    Sue Allen