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Monday, September 20, 2010

Hello everyone!
MY COMPUTER IS BACK! Which means I'll be blogging more. After going through 5 years of university, thesis and all, I thought that being away from a computer would be a good thing - it's really not easy! My fingers were starting to cramp up a little from the lack of random movements in a horizontal fashion.

ANYWAYS. Clearly we have been slacking putting up new designs on the site - but I promise you it's coming!! There is a very good reason, though, if you'll hear my plea.........will you? Please?

Chapel Road is coming out with a Christmas line! Liz Stenson has been hard at work creating designs, and we're on the other side of the fence trying to get them ready for this weekend! See? I knew you'd forgive me.

Does anyone scrapbook using rubber stamps? I'm going to post a picture of one that I did using stamps - I love it! Kind of gives you that extra dimension to "blah" pages that you don't know how to fix. I also LOVE using alphabet sets instead of writing it yourself or using stickers. It's just something different! Anywho, if you choose to look at the pictures be warned that you'll be getting snap shots of my life! I've done lots of crazy things! :-)

Okay! So here I had green 12 x 12" paper that went with my pictures, but you have no idea how BORING it was without using the brush dragonfly stamp to add a bit of focus! Such an easy fix to make pages look that much more amazing!

Here's another one of my crazy outings for a Lacrosse Rookie Night while I was at Trent (don't judge me, okay?) I used the little lacrosse dude (not on the site yet) as a background to fill up some space, as it suited the occasion!

This one was at Warsaw Caves...again, the page would have looked somewhat boring if it wasn't for some added dimension! I used one of the stamp rollers (looks like a mini brayer) and inked it up to make random lines throughout the page!

This one is from my Arctic Album! I went up to do research for my thesis and saw a ton of wildlife! Here, I used my alphabet set to do "Caribou" that matched the paper I was layering with. I don't know if you can see it from the picture, but I used Class Act's Angelina Fibres to make a background for the caribou picture on the middle left side of the page! So pretty!

Again with the Arctic wildlife, but I used the alphabet stamps to do "arctic wolf." What I really! like is that you can stamp the letters to suit your needs - you don't need to leave a rectangular space for a sticker and whatnot. They're just crazy versatile! Love, love, love!

More from my Arctic Album with the letters. I just use them so much!

Anyways, I'm curious as to if any of you DO scrapbook? From people I have talked to it seems to be one or the other....but I am determined to combine both! Leave a comment as to if you're a scrapper, stamper, or jack of all trades!

Thanks guys! Don't forget about our contest ending Sunday! You still have lots of time to get them in to win a Class Act stamp!

Until next time,

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