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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Contest 3 Results!!!

Hi everyone!

What’s the verdict on the new website?! Huh, Huh?

Well, it is time to announce our winners from Contest #3 and our Random Blogger!
We had cards sent in my Therese Malak and Diane Armstrong, both submitted one Chapel Road and one Class Act. That was all of the entries for the Contest, so naturally they’re both winners! Beautiful cards, though, I really must say! Here they are below for fame and fortune. They’re also up on our website. Both ladies are going to be receiving a brand spankin’ new Class Act stamp that hasn’t been released to the public yet! Only I have had the pleasure of playing with them, so I hope you guys do something fun, too!....and maybe show me? Hehe

Anyways – I need you two lovelies to e-mail me with your address so I can send you off your prize!

All you others - get moving on the next contest for your chance to win win win!!

Our Random Blogger is Maria Vanderform! This was just a random drawing of our bloggers that have followed us to date! Just a thank-you for keeping me company! So, Maria, please send me your address as well!!

Dun dun dah dunnnnnnn!!!!

Entry 1:
Diane Armstrong uses Chapel Road's 'Maple Leaves."

Entry 2:

Therese Malak uses one of Chapel Road's "Small Poems" images!


Entry 3:
Therese Malak uses Class Act's "Old Car" (very original - IIIIII know....) image!

Entry 4:

Diane Armstrong uses Class Act's "Girl With Bonnet" image (my goodness...I just love these image names!)

CONGRATULATIONS Diane and Therese! You both made absolutely lovely cards! Andddd I put them all up on the website so that you will become famous...like me...okay not like me, I wouldn't want to be at my level...I'm pretty boring. But you'll be (/are) amazing!! Thanks for your participation, and please send me off your information :-) Maria - you too!!

Thanks everyone!! Looking forward to seeing everyone's next project!!


  1. Raychel,

    Received my prize this morning!! Is the mermaid an Class Acts stamp? Just need to know so I can give credit when I use it!!

    Thanks so much!!

    Have a wonderful day!!


  2. Hello Therese!!
    Glad you got it okay! It is a Class Act stamp that we haven't released yet - you're one of few who have seen it :-)
    Hope you like it!