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Monday, July 5, 2010

A'hoy there!

I finally have some projects to post on here! I don't make cards a whole lot, so when I do I like to think they're something special, even if it's just to me. I'm a big fan of that instant gratification that you get when you've finished something...probably the reason why I like being creative and crafty so much! (I'm more of a scrapbooker than a stamper, by the way. That's one area that Mom and I are polar opposites.)

OH OH OH!!! Exciting news...I got my own e-mail for managing this blog :-) (FINALLY!!) So, my personal e-mail is Raychel@classact.ca. If you have any suggestions on helping me get going on this, send them my way, pretty please :-) Orders and inquiries can still be sent to sales@classact.ca.

My most recent card is a wedding card that I made for two of my friends who were married on Saturday (awwwww...). I've built up a reputation that would warrant my arrest if I ever bought an invitation or card instead of making it myself. Turns out it was crazy easy! All I did was use the Krystal Klear sheets, put lacquer on one side, then sprinkled black and pink glitter and tiny beads on the back. It dries clear and gives the card a really cool effect! I have also learned that my BlackBerry camera is not appropriate for this type of photography. Note taken.

I figured I would post this card too, only because I am too proud that I made it look decent in a short period of time! It was (obviously) for an 89th birthday, and the classic '57 Chevy was definitely a hit! I also vote "yes" to this type of picture! No shadow AND not blurry! Life is lookin' up!
Anywho, the new website is going to be up and running very soon! In the meantime, I'm going to give you a little bit of a surprise for helping us clear out the old stuff! I know Mom (Carol) only wanted to give you guys 20% off regularly priced stamps on the Yahoo group...buttt because I have control of this blog I'm going to UP it to 25% off of EVERYTHING on the Class Act site (woo woo!!!). Take that, Mom, for making me work all those hours while you were on vacation! But seriously...help me! I don't want to inventory all of this stuff...so just think, you can be helping ME out by taking stamps away AND feeding your obsession. I'll love you forever!!? Unfortuantely, I have to stick with her deadline of having the sale over on Sunday, July 11, 2010.

When you send in your order, make sure you put your username or e-mail that you used to follow this blog - that will entitle you to the sale! And don't worry - I'll tell her what I did...just after this is posted and logged off of the computer ;-)
Happy Stamp-a-lamp-a-lin!

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