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Monday, June 28, 2010

Well, Well, Well. The weekend has come and gone. But wait - what weekend? It came and went, all right, but I didn't know it was here! Carol decided to leave me (and, in turn, Class Act and Chapel Road) all alone this week while she is off having a grand ol' time in Atlantic City on her honeymoon! Well, yay for her. You guys really want to know what she did to me? As she was packing up Friday night she was like,

"Oh, Raychel, by the way, I told so and so that their orders would be out on Monday."
"Really, Mom, already? That's great!"
"Well, you see...you have to bring it to the post office for me on Monday, if that's okay?."
"Sure thing! Where are they?" - I shouldn't have asked.

They were yet to be completed. I spent my entire weekend in the garage with four machines running at 312 degrees! Have I mentioned that it was perhaps the hottest, most humid weekend we have experienced this summer? At least I may have lost 10 pounds in sweat - andddd on second thought, maybe you guys don't want to hear (or read) about that. Needless to say, YOU'RE WELCOME! :-) I think that that kind of work merits my own e-mail@classact.ca. I think I will pose that request to the vacationer whenever she gets her butt back to Canada and into the shop.

You know what the worst part of this is? I don't even think anyone reads this blog to date. I also have to get her to change that - pronto!

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