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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall Contest

Well, now that we have things SOMEWHAT organized I guess it's time to get going on CONTESTS again!!

We're doing the general theme of FALL! So that means anything Halloween, Thanksgiving, Leafy looking or whatever else! Get creative with the red, yellow and orange!

You know, I made an awesome (I do say so myself!) anniversary card for my boyfriend that was totally fall with oak leaves and fall colours. THEN brilliant me LOST it before our anniversary this weekend? Didn't I feel dumb!! I didn't even take a picture of it to show you guys! Shame on me!!

Okay! So this contest is going to end at 7pm on Saturday October 29th!
The winner will receive their choice of a Class Act Stamp and it will be mailed directly to you!

Please e-mail me your card at raychel @ classact.ca (without the spaces) and we'll announce a winner shortly after, so keep your eyes peeled!

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