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Monday, October 3, 2011

Catching Up!

Okay, well...the craziness is OFFICIALLY OVER!!! WOOO HOO!! Our grand opening was on Saturday...and all the preparation from that pretty much consumed our lives for the whole month of September. We had Colin Carrie(Member of Parliament for Oshawa) and Jerry Ouellette (MPP), as well as a representative from the Mayor's office, and SNAP Oshawa newspaper! It was crazytown - population US!! Thank you to all of you who help make our Grand Opening a very special day!

Here are some pictures from the big day...
Our store...

Everyone seeing what the buzz is about!

Cutting the ribbon!

And Sue warned us that things will be so crazy that day that the police would have to be called! Well, thanks for jynxing us, Sue!! I guess we were being too crazy...
(just kidding...they were doing something else...but it was hilarious :))


  1. What a beautiful store you have! A nice corner location and it looks so inviting and charming. I wish I could have been there for the grand opening. Maybe one day I will pop in and surprise you :)

  2. So glad to see it went so well. Sorry about predicting a visit from the boys in blue..but after all I am a witch!! LOL