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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gearing up for Spring?....Summer?

Just when you think you really can't get any more creative!! Here Sue comes again!
I don't know about where you live but here we have had so much rain I am starting to blue mold! If the sun ever shines again the grass will be up to our armpits and the blackflies as big as crows! Ah...spring in Canada!
Working with the new release stamps for this month has been a fun experience. They can be very colourful or soft and subtle. As you can see ..I went for soft and subtle. The elephants are stamped on a neutral grayish card stock in a soft brown with some of the ink lifted here and there with a tissue. Then cut out. Ink shadows were applied with a make-up applicator and small pearls added for eyes. The green DP was in a pack from the dollar store. The banner was stamped on the same card stock and sponged on the outside. The faux brad is a washer of some kind that I found in my hubby's workshop. Let me tell you ladies...take a look in there once in a while. If you are lucky enough to have a tinkering hubby that room deserves a good rummage. I am sure he doesn't realize what wonderous embellishments he has stored there! LOL
Stay dry and enjoy your weekend.

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