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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Contest Results

Hi everyone!!
Is everyone ready for a long weekend? I know I am!! I'm ready to get a little mud on the tires while ATVing (Brad Paisley reference...anyone??) I'm pretty stoked! What's everyone else getting up to this weekend? Feel free to post comments...it makes me feel special :)

For our Easter contest our only contestant was Sherree! Where were the rest of you?! I KNOW there was a bunch of you working on cards! You dropped the ball big time ;) hehe! Next time!

Here are Sheree's beautiful cards! Just in time for Easter! I know you come to the store, so next time you're in just let whoever is working know that you won the contest (I'll leave a note if it's not me here) and you can pick an unmounted Class Act stamp :) )

Thanks for playing along and reading!
I hope everyone has a safe long weekend, and we'll be back with another challenge once the April craziness calms down (though, in the Class Act word, there is always chaos :)) I don't think we could cope with it being any other way!

Peace out, friendlies!


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  1. Congratulations Sheree. Nice cards :)