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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Challenge Winner!

Hi Everyone!!

First off - when I logged on I had a mild freakout!! BLOGGER CHANGED EVERYTHING!!! Gah!!! Hopefully it works better than the old one...I always have one heck of a time getting pictures to line up and it never wants to post my blogs (I didn't think my posts were THAT horrible...) Anyways...fingers crossed for me!!

So our Fall-themed challenge is over...and we had some AWESOME card entries!! I'm going to post them all on here for a change up :)

FULL of Fall Colours...love this card by Therese in Trenton! She used a Class Act stamp that can be found here!

Another lovely card by Pat Moore!! I wouldn't have even known this was stamped! She used a REALLY similar stamp to our "Harvest Time," which can be found here!

I love this little cutie made by Mandy! Her work can be found here! Her blog is always hoppin'!!

ANYWAYS...so far the posting hasn't been too bad! I do like it better! But I guess you don't want to keep reading about my hate-on for technology (especially when it changes!!)...........so the winner for this contest, by random draw, is Mandy! Congratulations Mandy!! If you send an e-mail to Carol at sales(at)classact.ca with your choice of Class Act stamp and mailing address, she will get it in the mail for you :)

Stay tuned for our next Challenge!!

1 comment:

  1. Oh wow, I am so excited to have won :) I have emailed Carol to request my stamp

    Love Mandy xxx